In Front of Old Friends

By: goodislove

May 19 2015

Category: With friends

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As we are people and we have two legs, I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that we like to go for walks. And there are few things finer than a trail through a forest. A short breezy walk. Three-days in and out. Four-day loop back to where you began. Following a line, stopping at fork and wondering whether to go right, left or maybe we should turn around to make it back before nightfall.

You have your favorite. That one you go back to over and over again. You know where that root is that always catches your toe. A favorite tree and the vista that you can look out over and over again. And there are paths you only get to visit a few times, but they stick out in your mind.

Sometimes you want to go off trail. You can get lost, your heart races – but you have to try. You might find something you enjoy.

But every so often you come back to those well-worn paths and see how things have changed, how the light falls on leaves, the trees that have fallen.


One comment on “In Front of Old Friends”

  1. I love this! we had great conversations that morning! followed by, delish PHO.

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