In Front of Possibly Passé?

Dear friends,

A lot has happened in six years and 100 posts. So maybe it’s time to burn it all down. ‘Kyle in Front of Things‘ seemed clever when it was kicked off. Now with the dubious rise of selfies, maybe it’s all just a bit too vapid, vain and vacuous (shout out to my old boss at Stritch).

We’ve visited Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and Farmington, New Mexico. We’ve climbed a mountain and milked some cows. We touched some boobies and laid gummy bears on the grave of HARIBO’s founder. We got married and we got a perm.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Should this unholy abomination continue?
Or should it be tossed onto the Internet scrap heap?

(Either way, I’ll likely keep it going, but whatever.)


One comment on “In Front of Possibly Passé?”

  1. Well, I hardly think the mission of this blog has been completely fulfilled yet, so I don’t see how it can reasonably be “burnt all down.” There’s not yet been “KIFO Lemon” post, or a “KIFO a snobby Parisian”, or “KIFO the catacombs of Rome” or “KIFO men wearing fezs”…so really, no, you canNOT stop KIFOT.

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