In front of a (Dead) Candy Magnate

By: goodislove

Nov 12 2013

Category: Germany

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS

Since the very day I arrived here in Bonn, I was convinced that Hans Riegel, the CEO of HARIBO (HAns RIegel BOnn, get it?), was a Willy Wonka-esque madman. There was no basis for this line of reasoning; it was that tendency people have to write a story before ever checking on the facts and then digging up anecdotes to confirm it.

A friend at work once told me that workers there weren’t paid well. And that HARIBO skimped on benefits for the many immigrant workers they hired. I never saw anything in the news about them sponsoring events in town. Another story I read told of a scandalized British man who realized that the wrappers on MAOAM showed fruit ‘locked in carnal encounters’ with weird bean-shaped characters (this story is great click here please).

And then there’s the whole chestnut deal.

Every year children and adults fan out across the forests of Germany scouring the land for chestnuts. Then they bring them to the HARIBO shop where they can exchange one kilo of nuts for 100 grams of gummi treats. It all sounds innocent and charming. But then you find out that he’s only collecting them to feed his herd of deer and pigs. I mean just think of the kind of pressure that puts on wild populations who rely on those chestnuts for food in the winter.

Well, that about does it! He has to be an absolute monster.

Actually, no, he’s actually not. I’ve got nothing to go on after three years. And now he died – working hard until the very end. The pinnacle of perpetuity at the office delivering from on high and leading his company in his own inimitable way.

So I say now, Hans, I’m sorry for hounding you and carrying suspicions around in my pockets. And I bid you, dear reader, to peruse this delightful tribute to the Hans Riegel (click here).


One comment on “In front of a (Dead) Candy Magnate”

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