in front of a limo

By: goodislove

Sep 08 2013

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Focal Length:4.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS

(First off, apologies, this photo is  from April 2013. It has been sitting in the draft folder until now).

“Did you order a taxi?”

We had. And so the large man in the black trenchcoat bid us to join him. It felt a bit strange off the bat because the car wasn’t in front of the hotel.

We walked around the corner of the building  where there was a limo waiting. Shannon, my co-worker, and I stopped in our tracks.

“I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this.”

Two alarms went off.

  • First, we were on our way to a charity run to raise money for women coffee farmers in the Congo who had been in the middle of the war zone and in many ways still are. Showing up in a limo just felt bit strange (on the other hand, the irony appealed strongly to me).
  • Secondly, my scam radar was ringing loudly. Sure, he said it would cost the same as a regular taxi, but I could just see it – and had experienced enough random grifts to know – this could end up in an alley somewhere with a forceful extraction of hard-earned cash.

Then again we were running late for the run, and if the price was the same, well, why not. Sure, it’s strange showing up in a limo, but we weren’t going too far.

We hopped in for what ended up being the most awkward 15 minutes I’d had in recent memory. I’m not sure how limos came to seem like the definition of luxury. They’re awkward. The leather was a bit stressed, the TV wasn’t a flat screen, the glasses were plastic, and there was no champagne, nor ice in the little bucket that should have held champagne. The driver had papers strewn across the front seat. And overall, limos are just awkward in the way they maneuver. It’s like the ill-fitting suit you get as a hand-me-down to wear to your first interview. You just can’t sit right. It’s not comfortable.

I asked him to drop us off a block away so we wouldn’t be seen, but he just kept going. We saw the other runners shivering in the early morning wind as we pulled into the parking lot. Fingers pointed as we got out trying to look as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

In other news, we raised over $7,300 for the women’s committee at the SOPACDI Cooperative in the Congo and you can read all about that here.


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