In front of tits

By: goodislove

Aug 16 2012

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Category: Germany


Focal Length:4.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS

I’ve increasingly dug back into the memory banks. Not looking for my first crush, not reliving that hat trick in Kewaskum, but looking for the repetitive motions gathered from days, months and years of work on the family farm.

Things like hoisting a bushel of cracked corn over the auger and mixing it into silage from the silo. Or luring a weeks-old heifer into a bucket of milk to wean her off the bottle. The texture  and pressure of pushing both hands into a cart full of soybeans. The way that you would have to steer that cart and hit that notch in the foundation of the barn or you could never make the corner.

One of my favorites was scraping cow shit. There was a practice, a rudimentary repetitiveness. A chore that needed to be done. Striving for the most efficient method on a Saturday morning. And gratification at the end. Looking back I realize that there is little in life lower than scraping the excrement of another animal, but as many can attest there is a purity found in daily chores.

Now I find myself retracing those steps in a milking parlor under a cow in Germany. My right elbow rises without thought to rest on the hock. Let her know you’re there so she doesn’t kick. Squeeze from the top to prime the pump.

Give an “atta’ girl” to calm her down as you reach for the milking machine – automatic take-offs just like we had at home. Push the button, pull it out. Kink the hose as you flip up the inflation and feel for the teat with your fingers. The  machine grips on. The cow shifts weight and you watch it happen.

There are a lot of things my body remembers. There are a lot of things that I just do. I don’t know why, I don’t know the logic behind it, but my body does. And when you revisit, you fall into that well-worn groove.

And it’s like tearing old newspapers over the kitchen shelf to take out to the barn. It’s like bedding down the heifers. It’s like dipping the bucket into the milk cooler to take up to the house. And it’s like nothing else you’ll ever know so well again.


2 comments on “In front of tits”

  1. it looks good, it feels right ,it reads perfect. it is nice. dad

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