In front of patience

By: goodislove

May 03 2012

Category: Germany


Focal Length:4.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS

Some days the train gates come down and stay down. Queues of people line up on both sides and get impatient waiting for that junky old cargo train to make its way down the tracks. I usually prefer to roll up and gently run my bicycle tire into the hanging gates to let the train gods know that I have places to go, things to do. The train gods don’t really respond.

On another topic, when I was young – and sometimes now that I’m old – I used to wish that god would grant us all just one day in our lives when we couldn’t die and nothing would hurt so you could go out and do any crazy, insane thing that you want. I suppose this mortality holiday would have to be the same for everyone to limit the possibility of unintended consequences resulting in someone’s death. But I always thought it would be really great to jump in front of a train. I’d probably have to have the good sense to arrange it ahead of time to so as not to scar the conductor for life.

This ‘mortality holiday’ also will likely never happen, so I guess I’ll just wait here with everyone else.


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  1. thanks-dad

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