In front of Dachau

By: goodislove

Nov 01 2011

Category: Germany

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Focal Length:6.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS

We hugged on the platform, exchanged glances and turned to go. Arriving at the Dachau Concentration Camp is strangely serene. A wide open layout with expanses of gravel strewn about and row upon row of numbered, rectangular foundations filled with more gravel. Somehow it seems that the sun never really shines here. Just gray, bleak reflections of pebble-strewn earth.

The main building sits at the front, narrow and wide, an imposing presence, a stern teacher at the head of class looking down on pupils lined up before him. Faces of commoners, leaders, writers, performers, shopkeepers, Jews, Italians, Gypsies, whoever was deemed unnecessary stare out from museum displays as videos of tangled corpses show what was found once the teachers were removed.

It’s strange to make the pilgrimage to this site after having spent time in blue-eyed, mountainous Berchtesgaden where Hitler had his Eagle’s Nest. Nearly everywhere you went in the valley you could look up and high on the prow of the mountain the structure stood on look out. At night three lights marked its location.

It’s a different perspective with a better view, but the same idea. A reminder of how some try to create distance, force respect and elevate ideas beyond their britches.

Of further note: I saw a group close themselves behind the gates of Dachau beneath the wrought-iron motto, ‘Arbeit macht frei,’  so their friend could take fun pictures. An older German woman saw their antics and chastised them, though I don’t think they spoke the language.


One comment on “In front of Dachau”

  1. Wow, Kyle.

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