In front of another damn castle

By: goodislove

Oct 04 2011

Category: Germany

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Focal Length:6.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS

When you’re a kid in North America and you look at pictures from Europe, you get excited.

“Hoo boy, look at that castle there. Wow, someone really important must live in there! Now that’s a good time, yeah.”

This is the ultimate, this is what you live for. Courtesans, people serving you, the grand poobah with all of the trappings. And you get to eat turkey legs straight up like you’re at the Renaissance Faire in Bristol or something. Court jesters, pick of the women, them crazy dresses and knights in armor clinking around the house. This is what you think. You dream of castles. Maybe you think it might be nice to have yourself a little princess or prince.

Then you get older, you see a lot of things and move yourself over to Europe. And now every god damned corner you turn down, there’s some drafty old castle perched on a hill. Long lasting testament to some dork who probably screwed people over, exploited the weak, and built some big old castle to defend himself and his chums from the hordes of haters.

Even so, it’s still good to see. I mean look at this castle here in Cochem on ye’ olde Mosel River. Its just hanging out up there lording over the whole damn town like it owns the place.


One comment on “In front of another damn castle”

  1. […] The history is amazing too. Almost everything here is older than anything in the US. At times it’s like living in a history book, but you can get spoiled and there was a time the other day where I saw a castle and thought,  ”Whatever, that’s like the third damn castle today.” […]

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