In front of John Wayne, lover of fine coffees*

By: goodislove

May 02 2011

Category: With friends


Focal Length:6.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS

Baggy eyes, check.

5 o’clock shadow, check.

Razor-burned neck, check.

Hazed look made up of equal parts buzzed/tired, check.

There’s a weird, desperate air that pervades trade shows. Like some kind of large-scale singles mixer with people scheduling meetings, making time, drinking and eating, shaking hands and running. The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Event shares many of those traits.

People wander the aisles sampling caffeinated coffee by day and sipping lazy cocktails in the evening. Good ideas grow (like Coffee Kids (full disclosure: my former employer) and Food for Farmers) and weird ideas keep coming back (like the little nipple things to put in the hole of your disposable coffee cup)

In the five years I have attended this meeting, I’ve made long-lasting friendships on the basis of a once-a-year visit. The three short days force a frenzied dash of meetings and impromptu gatherings in aisles. Ideas are generated and then spread like a ripple around the world.

Coffee people are the good people.

*This post goes out to Darrin and Julie from Coffee and Conservation, a blog on, well, coffee and conservation. They’ve been following this blog for some time. They always attend this conference and we always have encapsulated, quick conversations on more topics than I can mention. They saw this John Wayne cutout and thought it would work well for the blog.


4 comments on “In front of John Wayne, lover of fine coffees*”

  1. Hey you!

  2. When you get back to Houston…you need to check out the Old Place 1823.

  3. “I don’t guess people’s hearts got anything to do with a calendar.” –YES! I found a totally appropriate John Wayne quote!

    Seeing you was a highlight for us. In spite of the fact that we have spent probably less than 2 hours with you in person, ever, we consider you a great friend.

    Until next year…

  4. I never responded to your note here, but that John Wayne quote rocks as do you both. Good to see you and can’t wait until Portland!

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