In front of the oppressor

By: goodislove

Aug 24 2010

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We all end up somewhere for a reason.

It’s funny to think that my family’s journey began way back in the mid-1800’s when some folks, sick of grinding poverty and living under the thumb of some despotic ruler, decided to make a go of it in the United States.

Actually, after reading the history of the Virneburg Castle, I think the whole ‘despotic ruler’ thing is an exaggeration. It seems the castle was blown up by the French in 1689. By the time the Müllers and Freunds left the area, the castle had been in ruins for more than 150 years. I don’t think that ol’ Count Virney had much to do with our departure.

But I still kind of like the idea of this guy being our impetus for leaving, so screw you Count Virneburg, we ended up just dandy without you and your big ol’ ruined castle.


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