In Front of Bulky Waste

By: goodislove

Jul 19 2010

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Focal Length:11.614mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS

Once every three months the people of Bonn (and other cities in Germany) throw their waste to the curb. It’s a bare knuckle fight to the finish to salvage the best items before they are thoroughly picked over by the legions of Poles, Hungarians and Lithuanians with their panel vans.

Fortunately for this plucky youngster, he has found a flag with which to mark his territory. Hear this trash collectors, enter this pile at your peril. I am here and I intend to defend my little corner of Spermüll. Read more here!


5 comments on “In Front of Bulky Waste”

  1. You have obviously paid attention to Eddie Izzard (Dress to Kill), and seen how successful flag planting is…so today you’ve claimed this little corner of Bonn…tomorrow, annex Ippendorf…

  2. Little Expat, you stake your claim, you establish your borders and set your rules! Love the photo!

  3. Nice, Kyle. 🙂 You go, Bonner-Who-Stakes-His-Claim-on-Stuff. Irene, whoever you are, I love Eddie Izzard. 🙂 Did you end up with the three tables you noted in your blog, by the way? I hope you stood there, all still-like and flag-staking-like, for quite some time, exuding your seriousness to passerbys.

  4. Eddie is a god…a short, incredibly dressed god with one heck of a makeup artist, but a god (with the voice of James Mason) nonetheless…

  5. This is priceless. I laughed out loud when I saw this pic. Thanks for all the entertainment while jet-lagged in Liessem!

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