In Front of Losers

By: goodislove

Jul 07 2010

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Focal Length:6.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS

The night that Germany lost,

there was no looting,

no crying in the streets,

just collective resignation

and a gentle sigh.

What happens in a soccer mad country when your team goes out of the World Cup? Do you even care about the next game? Or is it just fuck all? Living in the United States, I was used to picking at least three teams going into the World Cup knowing that my home country wouldn’t make it. When I was in Guatemala, we just loved everyone and always chased the winners since we couldn’t even make it to the show. But being in a country that actually has a real chance, it just seems completely anti-climactic when the team loses.

What happened to the magic touch Klose? Schweinsteiger? Anyone home? At the end of the game against Spain, everyone just sort of dispersed quietly back into the streets.


2 comments on “In Front of Losers”

  1. I had similar experiences here in the US. I work for a German company and more than 100 of us were watching the game on the big screens in the cafeteria. When time expired, everyone just got up from their chairs and returned to their offices without saying much.

  2. Kyle’s in Germany, Kyle’s in Germany, Kyle’s in Germany! Dude, I be jealous. Make sure you get to Solms for a Leica factory tour (but make sure it’s on a day with an English-speaking tour).

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