In Germany on Indian

By: goodislove

Jun 22 2010

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Focal Length:6.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS

I stood in line surrounded by Indians, which was appropriate I guess when flying India Air. Once boarded, I was seated in the exit row next to a young Indian man in a blue pinstripe suit with embroidered lapels. He commented loudly about how displeased he was with his exit row seat, “I do not like having all of this space, why did they give us all of this space?”

I commented how pleased I was with the fact that the woman at the counter had bestowed an exit row upon me. He admitted that he did quite like the extra room. Maybe he just wanted to talk.

My neighbor took off his black dress shoes and stretched his legs down to his feet clad in holey white socks. He made a show of standing up and sitting down to get things out of his stowed carry-ons and then put those same things away. We talked about the fact that he was on his way to Hyderabad for his sister’s wedding, then we discussed the random things you talk about with your neighbor on a plane.

As we flew through the night, I repeatedly tried to sleep but my nervousness combined with my neighbor’s restlessness kept me awake. Elbows bumped into my ‘z’s and throughout the night I could feel his stare upon me. He seemed incredulous that I or the other person to his right should want to sleep on the flight.

Hence I took great joy when the stewardess arrived with the food as he was sleeping. I shook his shoulder and told him it was time to eat.


One comment on “In Germany on Indian”

  1. I sure felt sad that day when you got on that big bird and flew away!!

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