In Front of the Future

By: goodislove

Jun 10 2010

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I wear this shirt a lot. I wear it when I go to work. I wear it when I want to impress people with my sophistication. Can you see it dripping off of me? It may not be entirely apparent, but this is also a photo of my last day at work with Coffee Kids (

You may not know about Coffee Kids. It’s a relatively small organization making a huge impact in the world of coffee. If you know anything about coffee, you know that coffee-farming families around the world are consistently screwed by fluctuating prices, unpredictable weather patterns and a history of economic abuse from powerful nations. At Coffee Kids we support families in their efforts to improve their quality of life. We don’t tell them what they should do. The communities create their own approaches and we support their efforts in economic diversification, education, health awareness and food security.

But back to my shirt. On this final day of work, I looked deep into my closet, which is quite shallow. I have three plaid shirts at the moment. They might be my favorite shirts that I own. This one in particular always catches my eye. It’s red and it’s white, but then if you look closer, you can see some stripes of blue mixed in.

You probably have a favorite shirt as well, but it’s probably not as cool as this one. It’s okay though, maybe I’ll let you borrow it sometime. I was going to write some pithy entry about my last day at work and how exciting the future will be, but I kind of got distracted by my shirt.

Either way, you should probably make a donation to Coffee Kids right now…


5 comments on “In Front of the Future”

  1. You are hilarious. NICE SHIRT. I would totally hire you to work in Germany just because of that shirt. Or any company for that matter.

  2. Kyle you may be the funniest man I know. Best of luck in Germany!

  3. thanks for the smile and laugh. good luck to you kyle!

  4. The shirt is ok, but I really like your red, yellow, etc. shirt that I recall seeing you in alot. Good thing we raised you to have good taste!!

  5. Dear readers of Kyle´s blog-

    I´m a lady (not young, not old- just right) that works with Kyle at his new job. And I´m wondering why I have never seen Kyle wearing any of the three “sophisticated” shirts that he owns. But I guess he already has the job and frankly, he doesn´t need the shirt to impress. He is helping us do everything (and most of it all at the same time!).

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