In front of birders

By: goodislove

Apr 22 2010

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Here I am in front of some birders (and my co-workers José Luis and Joey on the right). Check out their site at Coffee and Conservation.

Julie and Darrin are doing great work bringing attention to the impact of big coffee on bird populations in the tropics and your backyard. Sustainable growing methods have been supplanted by large farms with plants adapted to full sunlight and clear cutting and pesticides and any number of things. They’re doing important work. Take a look at the site to find out how your coffee choices impact the birds that show up in your backyard.

Julie and Darrin liked the Kyle in Front of Things blog so much, they wanted to get in on it. Check out this photo of Julie in front of Kyle. Exciting innovations!

In other news, you like that shirt I got there? Get your own at the Coffee Kids website shop right now. If you don’t, you are not cool.


4 comments on “In front of birders”

  1. Very sweet. Julie and Darrin are the best. Now if only they’d come band birds in the High Arctic.

  2. You are the most handsome man I think I have ever seen. I’m not gay, but I would be for you. Keep the pictures coming. I enjoy seeing you, “in front of things.” Wanna take a photo of you in front of me? You are a HANDSOME Man! With much respect and no harm, Jake

  3. […] First off, we had to stop and visit our friend Kyle, at the Coffee Kids booth. This is an awesome charity, and Kyle is awesome as well. In fact, this photo has a backstory. Check it out. […]

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