In Front of Erick, Oklahoma

By: goodislove

Apr 08 2010

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Big changes requires big actions, and so I said hello to the road and found myself in downtown Erick, Oklahoma, where this beefcake pose was struck. A tidy six hours by car from Santa Fe, Erick is known around the world as, not only the boyhood home of Roger Miller, but also the home of Sheb Wooley who wrote the song “Purple People Eater” and showed up in such moving picture shows as “High Noon” and “Rawhide.”

As I pulled into town, green shoots were darting out of the ground and the rich, piquant scent of spring was all around. Erick comprises approximately 1,000-some-odd people with a keen interest in keeping things small town and charming. There is one place to eat. There is one place to buy groceries. There is one library. There is one Roger Miller Museum. There is no bar. There’s not much. It’s a town stranded on the prairie stuck on old Route 66 and that’s as good as anything.


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