More Moonlight Magic

By: goodislove

Apr 07 2010

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It’s the same every year. We get about halfway through the ski season and I say to friends, “Man, I haven’t even gotten up to the ski basin once!” Then I wring my hands and shuffle my feet and don’t really feel bad about it. Well, I feel ashamed and ashen, but not really. I mean it’s like $45 or $50 for four hours.

But then I look at my old Santa Cruz Twin 158 and say, golly I really have to get out there. So winds up, by the end of the season, I drag myself up the mountain and there you go. Then I promise to do better the following year.

This year I went through my traditional waffling until a text came in from my German friend, Kurt. “Do you want to do some full moon snowboarding later?”

We hiked up with our friend, Pancho, and did one run.

The snow sucked, it was icy as hell, the moon wasn’t quite up all the way, we could hardly see on the way down and it went by entirely too fast, but for my first and last run of the season, it was pretty fantastic.

This is reflected in the strange, narrowed-eyedness of my visage with the moon.


One comment on “More Moonlight Magic”

  1. This is a killer photo .. you look like a syndicated tv action star… like Baywatch … you are the Hasslehoff of the midnight slopes … with Pancho at your side, you save lost snowboarders … coming this fall, powder safety gets a new face … Kyle Rockwell in … “Cool Nights” … on the WB … also starring Bree Tiscan as “Heather Thomas” and Gary Coleman as “Pancho”

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