In Front of Nice People

By: goodislove

Feb 21 2010

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Focal Length:6.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS

Oh lazy days of summer sipping wine and meeting up with fine folks in the art circuit-y world of Santa Fe. Thinking back to warm evenings, warm friends and delightful sunsets makes the cloudy, snow melt. Seeing Dezbah and Amy out at the VFW Post on Friday night reminds me that I never blogged this one, though I made the promise to them that summer evening.

Procrastination is a strange country. When we were together at this thoroughly entertaining art opening, I told them about this little project and they were excited to take part. So we snapped this little jobber and I promised to blog it later that week. A week turned to a month. And then the year flipped to two-oh-one-oh. I would occasionally see them and it always was on my mind.

Amy! Dezbah! You were always on my mind!

But I faltered and slipped until now and here it is. My hair is longer, my sideburns are trimmed, but the simpleton smirk is still on my face. It’s strange how the brain can hold onto this little nugget and keep it there until the time is right. If I could only keep the to-do list in my mind cleaned up and ready, why then something might actually get done.

For the moment I am content to share this photo.


One comment on “In Front of Nice People”

  1. Never enough time for the things that matter most … looks like ’twas a good time none-the-less. Dig it …

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