In Front of a Mime

By: goodislove

Jan 02 2010

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And now as I sit here in the cold down to 2 degrees, I think back to the summer in Santa Fe. There is this nascent group of folks who introduced Super Hero Rides to our humble community.

A gaggle of people get suited up in random super hero costumes and ride across the countryside engaging in good deeds. It could be helping at a food pantry, working on a sustainable farm, visiting the elderly or anything of the sort.

On this particular day, we rode over the mesa to the Ampersand Sustainable Community near the town of Cerrillos. It was tough riding through cold driving rain most of the way.

Once there we doffed our bikes and set about helping them finish the interior of a straw bale house putting in the last layer of insulation.

Metta the Mime here and about five other folks were up for the work.


One comment on “In Front of a Mime”

  1. There is always such a silent, majestic suffering captured in your photos … the pain of childbirth … of years of oppression … of Silent Night, Deadly Nights … this really captures the plight of the snow owl …

    (it’s Kenn by the way)

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