Fishy Business

By: goodislove

Apr 29 2009

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This is me in front of some whirring fish machine. Look at this! I’m under the water. I’m also at work, so this one’s going to be short. We were in Atlanta for a coffee conference. The largest specialty coffee conference in the world in fact.

One night a guy came up to me as I sat in a park. “Hey man, are you a writer?!? I’m a writer too!” He was wearing a sport coat, some ill-fitting pants and some old New Balance trail shoes. “Yup, I’m just writing some things down a bit,” I replied.

“I love to write too! I just wrote this story that’s like a Stephen King meets somebody else type of thing,” he said. He went into a short description of a story that made no sense to me at that moment. Then he asked for $2.25 to catch a bus to the subway. I had been in Atlanta a couple days and knew the subway was just two blocks away.

When I pointed this out to him he said, well I just need some money.

I gave him $1.75, after which he continued counting it and then verbally doing the math saying, “Okay, $1.75, now all I need is 75Ā¢ to make $2.25 (sticking to his original amount).”


One comment on “Fishy Business”

  1. Kyle, you really are my hero. Shoot, I sincerely wish I could come up with a fraction of the clever stuff you do.
    Sincerely, enviously, proudly,
    your usually-too-literal-to-be-much-fun brother,

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