Georgia O’Keefe’s Vagina

By: goodislove

Dec 01 2008

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Category: New Mexico


Today I headed up to Abiquiu to visit the famed inspiration of Georgia O’Keefe. I was hoping to visit the Capulin Volcano, but decided to go somewhere closer. This trail was about 5 miles roundtrip. You take off from the Ghost Ranch Visitor Center and hike up a small ridge and descend into a deep long valley ringed by cliffs. I hiked from one end to the other and then scurried up one of the cliffs to an expansive overlook with views of Abiquiu Lake and the valley below as well as more mountains off in the distance. Descending, I realized that the long valley looked somewhat like to legs coming together with a fertile crescent of land between them.


2 comments on “Georgia O’Keefe’s Vagina”

  1. Oh, boy. Remind me to tell you the story of a friend of mine who is a Cuban doctor who thought one of O’Keefe’s blue flower paintings looked like “cyanotic vulva.”

    There, I just did.

  2. Wow, that’s kind of intense. Or not, lack of adequate blood flow is no laughing matter!

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